Monday, 12 March 2018


Ngarino enjoys writing, with support from Bev. Sometimes she writes with the class and sometimes she likes to choose the topic. Here are 2 stories she has written in her book.

Ngarino likes My Little Pony and Twilight Sparkle.

Ngarino chose to write about horses. 

 Ngarino uses her excellent knowledge of the alphabet sounds and her alternative pencil to help her write. Her next step is to try to think about the sound first and to try to write it without looking at the cards. 


  1. Hi Ngarino. We really liked your writing about horses. Laylah suggest that next time you could record your story as well.

    Blog you later
    Team Maunga

  2. Your writing is wonderful and you can read back your story to us as well, Well-done.

  3. Hi Ngarino. I can see that you love ponies. Do you have a real one of your own?